Dear Graduate School Admission Office Management,

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 I am writing this letter of recommendation in
support of Mr. Allen Mathew Madathil who is applying to the Masters in Computer
science program at your esteemed university. I have known him for 3 years in my
capacity as Head of Department (HOD) of Electronics and Telecommunication. I
taught him Microprocessors, Microcontrollers and Digital Electronics during fourth,
fifth and sixth semesters respectively.

Under my guidance, he
has done a project on Coal Mine Safety System using Atmel AVR microcontroller
in his final year. He approached me to discuss project ideas that he thought
were interesting. During my conversation with him, I observed that he showed a
deep insight in the subject and was also able to express his ideas lucidly and
impressively. He is an intelligent student with a persevering nature and
effortlessly understands difficult concepts and proactively involves himself in
classroom discussions and debates.

Allen is regular and
punctual in submitting his assignments and projects. He does not hesitate to
seek clarification, which helps him in clear understanding of logic and
concepts. He is also very responsible and is able to handle the pressure of
deadlines very well. Three years of interaction has been an ample time for me
to note his sharp analytical and logical skills coupled with an excellent grasp
of concepts. Apart from the academics, Allen used to display good interest in
co-curricular activities and he enjoyed participating in various workshops and
programming events conducted in our college.

I see him as a student
driven by passion, who will work hard towards the fulfillment of any
responsibility he undertakes. He will be a worthy student at your esteemed university.
Pursuing a Masters program in your esteemed university would be ideal for him
to improve his existing skills. Hence, I strongly recommend him to be
considered as a potential candidate for admission into your esteemed
university.  Please
feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding this


P. A. Salunkhe

of Department, Department of Electronics and Telecommunication.

Tasgaonkar Institute of Engineering and Technology.

ID- [email protected]