In an online
movie review director Matteo Garrone mentions in an online movie review “And
why not? When everyone gathers to watch the show, they glow in its reflected
light” (Dargis,
M. (2017). He then goes on to discuss how Luciano’s reluctance to become a star
in Big Brother became more of a mantra for himself. In juxtaposition with a
deep desire inside him to perform for the ‘soul’ of his people.  “Mr Garrone offers a glimpse not only of one
man, but also the soul of people” (Dargis, M. (2017).

Similarly, Orwell ‘1984’ introduces one man who defy the conformities of ‘Big
Brother’ to encourage free thinking and pursue his life.  Reality identifies one man’s desire to make
it big on the small screen this is his version of reality. This film explores
something of a paradoxical journey between reality and visual simulations. 

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