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Breaking Into The Fashion IndustrySo, You love fashion. The passion you feel for fashion gives you excitement and meaning to your life, Therefore you have decided that working in fashion is where you need to be. However, The questions are How do you break into the fashion industry? Where do you even start?If you ask anyone currently working in the fashion industry about how they got into the industry, You won’t get a clear-cut answer. There is no one direct path into the fashion industry.Is A Fashion Career Worth It?That is a question that one has to ask themselves before beginning any career, especially in fashion. Fashion is a trillion dollar industry that is continuously evolving and booming, As well as being bigger than the automotive industry. If you have heard the negative stereotypes about fashion, That is bound to make anyone question whether they are cut out to work in the fashion industry or not. There is no clear answer, Only you know the answer to your question.By understanding that fashion is one of the most highly stressful jobs that there is, With its high tumultuous environment, And extreme competitiveness. The passion you have for fashion is your power tool to overcome the stress, problems, and drama that it entails. Every job has its challenges, highs, and lows.You have to love it with everything you have or you won’t make it, With that being said the excitement of fashion can keep you afloat on those days when you feel as though your sinking.You may even ask yourself ” Do I have the personality for the fashion industry”? The great news is that fashion has a wide diversity of people and personalities, You don’t always have to be flamboyant.Do You Need A Lot Of Money To Get Started In Fashion?There is a misconception out there about breaking into the fashion industry that you need to be privileged or have a big degree from a high-end institute of fashion to get started, You just need talent. Of course, being educated is always very important. It helps you to evolve, By educating yourself in fashion it will help give you the training you need, Getting your hands on will help get your feet in the water. The good news is you can start on your own to gain education and experience, You don’t need to go to an expensive school to be a designer, seamstress or tailor. Every day the revolution of fashion is changing, People have the opportunity to have a more “Do it yourself” approach and platform.The ability now more than ever to self-publish or open an e-commerce fashion business. With so much digital connections, There has never been a better time than now to be a creative person and be able to make a mark in the fashion world. Intern, Intern, InternOne piece of advice received from many different people who work in the fashion industry, Especially when asked the question ” Where and how do I even get my foot in the door of fashion”? The answer is always the same‚Ķ Intern Internships majority of the time are unpaid, Knowledge is your payment. In many cases, Interning gives you the experience to get into the environment of the fashion world.By interning you are able to learn about yourself, What you do like about fashion, What you don’t like. It gives you the ability to work on things before you dive in really deep. Even people that do have fashion degrees must go into internships, It’s not very common for students fresh out of a fashion school to get very far without being an intern.Going into an internship gives you valuable experience, Sometimes experience is more valuable than education. Also demonstrates that you are truly dedicated to fashion and are serious about a career in fashion.You can apply for an internship by applying to magazines, high-end retail stores have programs as well.NetworkingNetworking is another way to get your foot in the door. Meeting and introducing yourself to people that are connected to the fashion industry. Telling them that you are serious about having a career in fashion, Being positive with people can help you along your way.Networking will open a lot of doors.Cold emailing is a way to get noticed, For every 20 people that email, 2 may only reply. It can be frustrating, Learning to not take it personally and understand that some people are either too busy, flaky or overwhelmed by emails. However, persistence can pay off. Jobs That You Can StartFrom the outside looking in, Many people believe fashion is just about being a fashion designer, model, makeup artist, and stylist. There is a whole spectrum of skills needed, As well as there is a wide variety of roles in the fashion industry. Fashion is a creative diverse culture. There are many key roles in fashion to help the function of the industry. The most desired jobs in fashion areFashion designerFashion buyers and merchandisers Pattern makersStylistsMarketing/FinancesPhotography/EditingP.RModelSome jobs that may not be at the very top of the list of desired jobs in fashion, However, are a perfect way to get into the door of fashion arePattern cuttersSeamstressTailorSocial Media (Press)Trend Forecasting ProductionMost of the fashion industry is made up of so many jobs, As well as jobs you don’t see.Creative Do It YourselfWe now live in the time of the creative do it yourself, Fashion used to be whatever “Paris” would say than that was it. Now it’s the blogger and the “kid” on the street, Social media means more than what Couture says is on trend. Fashion is superficial, It is difficult for new talent to be noticed. Social media now runs fashion and is continuing to be the drive in fashion. Being creative is certainly the first important step, The next step is the passion and love for fashion. Being current on the news that is going on in the industry, Being knowledgeable to the most current trends, Always reading up on fashion blogs and magazines and following brands on social media. ¬†Picking one part of fashion and being highly knowledgeable and following it obsessively will pay off. By educating yourself about what you want to do, Researching and learning the history of fashion brands that you love will show that you are highly aware. Starting a fashion blog is a great way to get yourself situated in fashion. By showing off your sketches, photography, outfit styling, and your fashion writing is a creative resource to showcase your passion for fashion.Starting a Youtube channel to vlog your ideas and thoughts about fashion.By developing great expertise, Giving out great content. When you are documenting your content, It will be a useful resource to get your name out there. As well as being able to put it down on your resume.Starting From The Bottom – Retail Every fashion insider says the same thing, You need to start somewhere. One of the easiest stepping stones into the world of fashion is retail. Applying and getting a job anywhere from Nordstrom to Victoria’s Secret is a way to get familiar with the workings of fashion.At the end of the day, fashion is a serious business. Retail gives you a lot of experience working with clients and understanding the industry. Most fashion industry employees do start out in retail, Customer service related jobs such as personal shopping.Once you’re in the industry you just keep working your way around. Dress fashion. Never be afraid or timid to look the part, You will be remembered more if you have a fashionable vibe to you.So basically to start a career in the fashion industry, It’s more than just reading fashion magazines or dressing well. You need to have talent, be creative, strong-willed and passionate. Being realistic about what you can and cannot do, Being persistent by pushing yourself to reach your goals. Your passion will be the driving force for you to achieve your dreams.