Ladies and Jugal is a story about two boys

Ladies Room – YFilmsLadies Room is a breath of fresh air compared to what YashRaj usually produces. Ladies Room chronicles the story of two best friends Dingo and Khanna and their misadventures through a series of 6 episodes each, roughly 10 minutes long. It adopts a unique idea, setting each episode in a different washroom. Dingo is an unemployed hippie and Khanna is the responsible workaholic friend, always on the go. From almost getting caught smoking pot in a train toilet to spying on Khanna’s ex, the series teaches you how to deal with sexual predators on online dating sites to fishing out gloves from a clogged toilet. This show is hilarious and perfectly captures the essence of what it is to be in your 20s with endearingly relatable characters. Watch Ladies Room on YFilms’s YouTube channel.Man’s World – YFilmsLiving in a time when the feminist movement is in full swing, sometimes it can feel like the men are actually getting the short end of the stick. This series depicts the journey of Kiran who is granted his wish of trading places with women in society. From the curse of not being able to wear white pants while on your periods to facing sexual harassment in the workplace, Man’s World is a reminder of the struggles that women have to face on a daily basis. The show humorously portrays these from the point of view of Kiran, a man who’s frustrated because of the mistaken belief that women are treated better in society. This show features the coming together of many familiar faces like Kalki Koechlin, Parineeti Chopra, Ayushman Khurrana among others to talk about the need for feminism in our society. Watch Man’s World on YFilms’s YouTube channel.Romil and Jugal – AltBalajiIn a society where the constitution declares homosexuality as illegal, Romil and Jugal is a story about two boys who fall in love with each other in a society that tells them that their love is forbidden. This reimagining of Shakespeare’s classic, Romeo and Juliet, is a bittersweet love story patterned exactly after Ekta Kapoor’s signature style.  Although cheesy and sentimental, it is one of the few series’ that portrays a same-sex relationship and acts as the first step to sensitization of the Indian public towards homosexuality. You can watch the first 3 episodes of Romil and Jugal on AltBalaji’s YouTube channel and you can watch the rest by downloading AltBalaji’s app. Better Life Foundation – Them Boxer Shorts (TBS)This series is almost like an Indian version of The Office and is equally funny. This is a story about the interactions between the employees of a struggling NGO. The comedy is very situational and not many jokes are thrown around but the stereotypical characters played by familiar faces like Sumukhi Suresh and Kana Gill make you smile. The show consists of 5 episodes, each roughly 20 minutes which is funny and explores serious issues of class and politics. Watch Better Life Foundation on TBS’s YouTube channel.Alisha – The Fashion Detective – BLUSHThis series is about Alisha who after being kicked out of fashion school, is forced to move from LA to Mumbai. Unable to get her dream job, she sets out to become a fashion-detective combining two of her favorite things: fashion and mystery. Each episode is about a different crime Alisha has to solve in the backdrop of the glamorous fashion industry. From designer foes to missing vintage purses this show is a pleasure to watch. Although it is not wildly imaginative or excruciatingly suspenseful, it is well-written. It is fun to watch the impeccably-dressed, sassy detective play Sherlock with her best friend Tanny. Watch Alisha – The Fashion Detective on Blush’s YouTube channel.