The Although an up-to-date technology is used in theses

The developments in the science and
technology have made our life so easier and comfortable that we even do not
have to move our body to do a task. But always running in the race to be ahead
of everyone, we have forgotten that we still have a part of our society called
as physically disabled people. These people are deprived of advancements of
science and technology.

Normal people have the ability to
freely communicate between each other vocally without any barriers or
obstacles, but they cannot communicate with other people who suffer from the
ability of vocal communication with the common society. One of these incapable
groups is the people with the speech impairment. This incapability makes them
fall apart from being fully effective and dependable personnel in their society
as they lack a very important aspect of anyone’s character. As a result, they
suffer a lot emotionally as they cannot fully present themselves. Moreover,
their self-confidence is lowered making them unconfident and insecure among their
society. However, now it is possible to overcome such problem and make people
with speech impairment able to normally communicate with the normal people
without any difficulties. There are several systems for this purpose. Although
an up-to-date technology is used in theses current systems but there remains
drawbacks and disadvantages The aim of this project is to improve the
communication with the people who has speaking difficulties and use any sign
language to express them. At the first sight, as an idea, how difficult it
could be to make a sign languages converter and how to make something that
normal people can understand what the impaired person are trying to say and
they don’t find it difficult.

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 After detailed research about sign language
linguistics, it is figured that there are approximately 240 sign languages that
exist for spoken languages in the world .To show how tough to working with any
sign language, as our intention is to help to make communication easy between
impaired person and normal person. After having an idea about sign language
linguistics, we decided to build mobile application in which there are many
different features for communication between the impaired person and the normal
person and vice-versa. This allows us to combine languages. Finally, Java based
program is produced which can make text to speech recognition, speech to text
recognition and motion to speech recognition. So a speech impaired person can
easily speak to the person in front of them and they can understand easily
without ability to speak sign language.